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Projects that we support

Here is a list of all projects with short description that Flash team support


Groups provides a fully customizable space for participants to discuss and share with each other. Perfect for fitness groups, education purposes, meetup events, and more. Owner can monetize groups to increase their earnings. Groups can be managed on the go from the Wix Owner app.


Online Programs

Owner can engage participants with their business using step-by-step online programs. Fully customizable templates make the set up fast and easy. Owners can sell their programs or offer them for free, track participants progress with real-time feedback. Programs can be managed on the go with Wix Owner app.

online programs.jpg

Dine by Wix

The app where user can place orders, make reservations and get in contact with their favorite restaurant. App offers seamless ordering, secure payments, table reservations, and live chat.

Dine by Wix2.jpg

Wix Hotels

The app allows owners to get direct reservations and payments from their website, manage rates and availability with user-friendly calendars in a single platform. Owner can maximize their reservations by marketing their property to over 100 online sales channels such as, Expedia, and Airbnb.

Wix Hotels.jpg

Wix Restaurants

Owner can get orders for pickup and delivery without paying commission on their sales. With Wix's online ordering system owner can streamline their ordering operations and provide customers with the experience they've come to expect when purchasing online. 

Wix Restaurants.jpg


Allows Owners to provide site visitors with quick, simple answers to common questions about their products or services. Wix FAQ lets customize a beautiful FAQ on owner website in just a few clicks. Save yourself time by reducing your requirements of online customer support.


Instagram Feed

Allows Owners to proudly share their Instagram photos and videos on their website. Wow visitors with all-new layouts that look amazing on desktop and mobile. It’s a great way to show off your online community and attract new followers!

Instagram feed.jpg

Shared Gallery

Allows user to create a shared gallery on their site so members can easily share photos and videos. Increase community engagement with the option to like, share, comment, and tag other members. Set permissions to upload, tag and manage in the gallery. Great for community events, activities, classes and organizations.

shared galery.jpg

Pro Gallery

The Wix Pro Gallery is the most impressive gallery on the web. The advanced settings allow users to fully customize the design exactly how they want. Keep their images safe with built-in image protection and look great on any device. Find out more in this presentation


Photo Albums

Wix Photo Albums lets users create beautiful stand-alone albums for their client’s photos! Each album can be personalized with branding and shared directly with clients for them to download, like or buy. It’s a great way to grow owner's business and impress potential clients. Find out more in this presentation

Photo Albums.jpg


Allows users to create online portfolio in just minutes. With dozens of stylish layouts and design capabilities, user can make portfolio both stunning and unique. Easily group projects into Collections based on the type of project or any other grouping that suits you. Find out more in this presentation

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