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Welcome to Flash Team, your dedicated team of experts in software testing and quality assurance! We are here to ensure the seamless performance and reliability of Wix products. As part of our main responsibilities, we focus on three crucial areas: regression testing, testing of new feature requests, and automation testing.

Software Programmer

Regression Testing

Regression testing is an essential aspect of our work. We meticulously examine Wix products to verify that recent changes or updates have not introduced any unintended side effects. By rigorously testing the system's existing functionalities, we maintain its stability and prevent the recurrence of previously resolved issues.

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Feature requests

Testing new feature requests is another critical aspect of our role. Whenever Wix introduces exciting enhancements or additions to their products, our team thoroughly evaluates these features to ensure their functionality, usability, and overall performance. We work diligently to provide valuable feedback and identify any potential areas for improvement, guaranteeing a seamless user experience. To request test session please fill this form.

Computer Programming

Automation Testing

Automation testing forms an integral part of our comprehensive approach. We leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks to develop automated test scripts that enable efficient and reliable testing of Wix products. By automating repetitive tasks, we optimize our testing process, saving time and resources while maintaining high quality standards.

Study Group

Learning sessions

In addition to our primary responsibilities, Flash Team is dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth. We understand the rapidly evolving nature of the software testing industry, and we actively engage in team self-learning sessions to gain new skills and add to our collective experience.

These self-learning sessions are invaluable opportunities for us to explore emerging technologies, testing methodologies, and industry best practices. By staying up to date with the latest trends and advancements, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle any testing challenges that may arise.

During these sessions, we encourage open discussions and knowledge sharing among team members. Each team member brings their unique expertise and insights to the table, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Check here our presentations for past learning sessions.

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